Course in Foreign Languages

Course in Foreign Languages

-Teaching in a foreign language (including Mandarin/English/Japanese/Other), in line with the needs of non-Hong Kong residents living in Hong Kong, and suitable for learningA student of a foreign language

– Introduction to the structure and posture of the guitar

– Left and right hand coordination, finger flexibility and endurance training

– fingering awareness, scale training and practicing in different styles

– A variety of fingering, sweeping techniques, chord theory and chords

– Professed hundreds of popular classic songs from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and the West

– Practice with the sentences or songs of many masters

– Learn and learn the skills of world famous guitar players and classic bands

– for training Arpeggios, Tapping, speed solo, scales/mode

– In-depth study of rock, jazz and improvisational training in a variety of styles

– solo how to have more feelings when performing

The Center’s tutor holds the following qualifications::

• Musical Instrument Level 8 Certificate

• Years of teaching experience

• Have many years of performance, performance experience

• Currently teaching in a number of social welfare institutions, music and music centers