Music Theory Course

Music Theory Course

The ABRSM Music Examination is the most comprehensive music test in Hong Kong. The Royal College of Music requires candidates to pass the Music Examination before Level 6 or above to ensure that candidates have a basic understanding of music. Candidates can basically complete the course. The scores of all clefs have visual ability, assigning the tone number of each movement and different beat marks, understanding of basic orchestral instruments and basic melody writing, etc.

– Various chord structures

– Four harmony, change and sound

– Alignment method

– Digital bass

– Trio Sonata

– Piano writing

– Orchestral writing

– Melody creation

– Analysis of chamber music and orchestral works

– History of music, styles of different musical periods

– Basic music, music orchestration

– the structure and characteristics of the instrument

– The course consolidates students’ knowledge of music theory

The Center’s tutor holds the following qualifications::

• Musical Instrument Level 8 Certificate

• Years of teaching experience

• Have many years of performance, performance experience

• Currently teaching in a number of social welfare institutions, music and music centers