Harmonica Teaching

Lesson.1 – Basic Law and Position

About the basic holding and posture of the harmonica

Lesson.2 – notation and actual pitch

Here, we must remind you of a very important concept. Generally speaking, the harmonica scores we see are mostly based on the notation. If the staves are used to record, the actual pitch on the score will be different from the pitch of the harmonica by octave.

Lesson.3 – Scale arrangement and single hole inclusion

The single-hole inclusion method is the easiest method to learn. Most beginners get a harmonica, and the first subconscious will use the method before they are instructed.

Lesson.4 – Mid-range scale practice

When playing, remember that the bass is on the left and the treble is on the right. Don’t ask for it, be sure to make every note clear.

Lesson.5 – Mixed exercises and music

Once you have practiced the midrange scale, let’s continue with the scales of the bass and treble.