Wedding Live Band

Wedding Live Band

“Music is the prelude to unveiling the wedding, is the departure of a wedding.

For the important big day in this life,

Work hard to prepare wedding photos, dresses, MVs, wedding invitations, events

Of course, we must do the most perfect for all these efforts.
From the expectation of the next, then every touching and toasting,

And the final drop-off, background music plays an important role.

We will carefully arrange and select a list of wedding music that will definitely make your wedding hierarchy clear.

Can properly play a good role in the various processes of the wedding,

And make the guests more engaged and moved, making you unforgettable.”

“A Plan: String Ensemble奏

Violin + Keyboard / 2 Violin The
keyboard or violin duo is suitable for a dignified wedding or banquet.
String Trio
Violin + Cello + Keyboard The
Piano Trio can play a variety of different styles of music, such as classical and pop music.
String Quartet
2 Violin + Viola + Cello / Colors + Violin + Cello + Keyboard The
Sesame Quartet can play more different styles of music, such as pop music and jazz.
Even if the banquet hall is large in size, the string or sage quartet can provide guests with elegant music.
String Quintet
2 Violin + Viola + Cello + Keyboard In
combination with the trio and quartet, the Quintet can play different types of music for guests.
The quintet can provide gorgeous music for the banquet, giving guests an extraordinary feeling.

B Plan: Piano solo

Instrument: Piano
piano players can play soft background music, pleasing main melody or accompaniment music.
The grand piano will be provided by the guest or performance venue.

C Plan Harp Ensemble:

Instrument: Harp / Harp & Violin / Harp, Violin & Cello’s
elegant, gorgeous harp performance can provide guests with an unforgettable memory.
The harp music is mostly composed of neat and harmonious classical music.

D Plan: Jazz Quintet

Instrument: Piano (Keyboard), Drum Set, Vocal, Bass Guitar, Violin / Cello / Saxophone
This combination can play a variety of different categories of music, including jazz.
The bass guitar and drums in the jazz band create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with a powerful rhythm and keyboard.”

Service Content:

Three-hour show time (15 minutes break between hours)
has included the required instruments and sounds (for band use only)
Transportation and equipment installation settings
In the song list, select 24 songs
including custom tracks, custom instruments, etc. .
The service can also include arrangements for singing performances, singing accompaniment, etc.

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