Acoustic Guitar Teaching

Lesson.1 – 10 Tips for Successfully Compressing Guitar Chords

Guitar beginners, when practicing pressing Open Chord, often press a bad sound, or a “squeaky” sound, which is usually caused by poor posture of the string. When playing this to others, the other party will feel that your guitar sounds strange. So when playing the guitar, please pay special attention to whether you have this problem and adjust your finger position at any time.

Lesson.2 – How to choose a guitar?

Recommend novice to buy a guitar simple 8 key In fact, at the beginning, every newbie would think that he had just started to learn. He was afraid to learn soon. Don’t buy it so expensive. Is it afraid to buy it? But a good guitar can stay with you for a long time. Everyone has different economic abilities and different budgets. In principle, first set a maximum budget that can be afforded, and then buy the guitar you need.

Lesson.3 – How to look at the guitar spectrum? 6 steps to teach you!

This guitar teaching mainly introduces the Tab guitar spectrum, which is a
guitar-specific spectrum,
and is also the best guitar to get started. Let’s take a step by step to understand
how the guitar spectrum looks. ^_^

Lesson.4 – 8 tips for guitar chord conversion success!

Individually press the chords to be converted to ensure that
there are no noises. The left hand fingernail is cleaned.
If there is noise, it is necessary to practice more.
The noise may not be compressed, or it may not be pressed
in a labor-saving position. In order to avoid touching other strings,
the finger should try to press the string with the fingertip.

Lesson.5 – How to practice guitar closing chords!

Closed chords (Barre Chords) are the biggest obstacle for guitar beginners, because it takes a certain degree of difficulty to “close” 6 strings at the same time. Many beginners can’t pass this game and give up the guitar, but friends who like guitar don’t give up.