Double Bass Course

Double Bass Course

Basic knowledge:
Know the names and functions of the various parts of Double Bass, understand the role of Bass in music
– basic skills:
reading bass spectrum; basic playing posture (standing or sitting); right hand posture (Arco & Pizzcato); empty string practice ( rhythm exercise);
left-handed posture, left hand practice basic skills, understanding the fretboard; practice listening
– scales and chords:
composition major scale and the scale; cis-order triads and seventh chords of the composition (diatonic chords);
disperse and String (arpeggio) exercises; left hand shifting and shifting; minor scales (natural, harmony and melody minor);
music theory, listening and skill exercises
– music practice:
classical Etudes; basic bass line accompaniment concept; a variety of different styles of blues (blues) bass lines;; walking bass lines;
jazz standards melody and accompaniment; rhythm exercises; basic Latin bass lines; advanced bass
line accompaniment concept;

The Center’s tutor holds the following qualifications:

The Center’s tutor holds the following qualifications:
• Musical Instrument Level 8 Certificate

• Years of teaching experience

• Have many years of performance, performance experience

• Currently teaching in a number of social welfare institutions, music and music centersv