Viola Course

Viola Course

Wipe the stringed instrument. The middle musical instrument in the violin family has the same shape and structure as the violin, but the shape is slightly larger. The five-degree fixed string is c, g, d1, and the length of the a1 body is generally 42.5 cm.
The viola’s tone is thicker, warmer and fuller than the violin, and the fingering and bowing are basically the same as the violin.
The viola begins with a lower octave than the central C. Each string is separated by five degrees, followed by C, G, D, and A, five degrees lower than the violin and eight degrees higher than the cello.
As a solo instrument, it lacks the vibrancy of the violin and the rich and powerful sound of the
cello , and is not as good as the violin and cello when playing the concerto.
Therefore, the composer’s concerto for the viola is rare (more common in the violin).

The Center’s tutor holds the following qualifications:

The Center’s tutor holds the following qualifications:
• Musical Instrument Level 8 Certificate

• Years of teaching experience

• Have many years of performance, performance experience

• Currently teaching in a number of social welfare institutions, music and music centersv