Violin / Viola Teaching

Lesson.1 – Maintenance methods for violins

The maintenance and maintenance of the violin can prolong the service life of the violin. The violin is generally not pulled, but the damage of the violin is mostly caused by improper maintenance.

Lesson.2 – Ten key points of the basic violin foundation

Everyone knows that the violin is a musical instrument that is difficult for beginners to get started. A good foundation determines the future playing skills and development. Without good foundation, there is no good skill. Without good skills, even if you have more music in your heart. It can’t be expressed through the instrument.

Lesson.3 – Violin fingers practice on strings

Here, just put some different practice methods on the basic exercises to help beginners find more good ways to practice!

Lesson.4 – How to choose an instrument?
Viola study (Viola) The viola is about the same shape as the violin, and the strings are similar in arrangement, but they are bigger. However, the sound quality of the viola is low. If we compare the string instrument to a choir, the violin is like the high-pitched part of most tunes, and the cello and double bass provide a solid foundation for sound like a bass part. The viola is between the two.