Classical Guitar Course

Classical Guitar Course

– Knot his basic knowledge and history

– Learning five-line, six-six, notation, CHORDS spectrum

– Learn various beats such as: full tone, 2 points, 4 points, 8 points, 16 points, 32 notes, cut points

– Basic playing methods: pressing strings, hooking strings, round sounds, slipping sounds, vibrato, wheel fingers, natural overtones, artificial overtones

– Combining modern guitar playing methods, teaching all popular folk guitar playing skills, such as various patten exercises for sweeping chord and fingering, popular, folk song practice

– Students will also learn the skills of self-singing in this course.

– Playing skills of various decorative sounds

– How to play music in different eras such as style and tone

– A lot of interesting pop practice songs (not updated regularly)

– Masters of different ages must practice the Etudes such as: F.SOR , M.GIULIANI , M.CARCASSI , F.TARREGA , JS.Bach …

– You can also choose your favorite tracks, but you can see if the skills of the students can handle them.

– Learn at all levels of test tracks, music analysis, scales and voices

– SIGHT READING, AURAL TESTS practice methods and scoring techniques at all levels

– Self-written Chord-Melody Solo playing method

The Center’s tutor holds the following qualifications:

The Center’s tutor holds the following qualifications:
• Musical Instrument Level 8 Certificate

• Years of teaching experience

• Have many years of performance, performance experience

• Currently teaching in a number of social welfare institutions, music and music centersv