Bass Guitar Teaching

Lesson.1 – Know BASS

First, I will get to know the components of BASS. As a BASS player, you should at least have a basic understanding of BASS.

Lesson.2 – The first practice BASS

In the beginning, you don’t necessarily know what type of sound you want. If you are just a newcomer to the game and want to play and don’t want to use that much money, then you should carefully consider it.

Lesson.3 – Understanding the fingerboard

The setting of the sound and the strings on the fingerboard is directly related. The pull of the string has the most direct effect on every note on the piano. The tighter the strings, the higher the sound on the same piano, and vice versa.

Lesson.4 – How to get BASS

When standing, some people love to have high backs, while others have low backs.

Lesson.5 – Sight reading

The spectrum of BASS is generally seen in the 4-line spectrum and the 5-line spectrum. Some masters also watched the CHORD spectrum that he saw. Here mainly teach the 4th line and the 5th line spectrum.

Lesson.6 – Right hand playing (finger)

The BASS has traditionally used fingers, but some people use Pick. Let’s talk about fingering in this lesson.

Lesson.7 – Right hand playing (finger 2)
The previous lesson taught you how to use your fingers to make sounds. This lesson is to add some things you should pay attention to.